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Reiki Healing Testimonial

“I just wanted to thank you and let you know how GREAT I felt after the session. All the pain left my body and it felt great. I was really able to ‘let go’ which has been my mantra. It was so deep and physically pleasurable in a much more effective way than manipulating the body through massage or other body work. So really great and just what I asked for.”

“Receiving Reiki last year for infertility, I was so moved that I got emotional and just cried to release all the tension/sorrow/anger/sadness that I held in. The healing process was a wonderful thing and now I am the happiest mother of beautiful twins!”

LEARN REIKI: All Levels of Classes

1. Awaken and Empower the Healer in You.

2. Become Attuned to Reiki Energy and Symbols.

3. All Levels of Study: Novice to Master.

4. Three Lineages: Kali-Ki®, Usui, & Holy Fire.

5. Put Your Compassion Into Action as a Reiki Healer.

CLASSES: For anyone interested in learning to practice Reiki on yourself or others, Kali-Ki Wisdom School has classes and programs for all levels. Advanced classes are open to those who have received previous Reiki attunements from any teacher or Reiki lineage. Check for details here.

Yoga & Meditation

Meditation Testimonials

“After taking Meditation Basics from Joni I started a home meditation practice that has created more peace in my life that I could ever have imagined. I had been plagued by sleep issues my entire life, but with meditation, I sleep like a child.”

Meditation Basics and Beyond exceeded my expectations… … well-organized and the venue peaceful. Modulating between lessons and practical meditation….beneficial for those both novice to and experienced in meditation.”

Learn and Practice Meditation

1) Meditation Class and Practice Group: Joni leads this group in chanting, Kali-Ki breathing, and silent meditation. She offers brief instruction in silent meditation using the Hamsa mantra. Silent meditation is followed by Q&A and each member sharing their experiences. Check for date and details here.

2) Meditation Basics and Beyond: is a workshop for the basics of meditation: opening with gentle stretches, we will practice how to sit, how to support a home practice; chanting; pranayama (breath-work); and practicing silent meditation with the “ham-sa” mantra of the yogic tradition. For more details, click here.

Sessions with Joni

Reiki Healing Testimonials

“Twelve years ago when I first received a Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma diagnosis, I had my first Reiki treatment from Joni. As she visited the different chakras, I could immediately feel the healing energies flowing through the various parts of my body. Over the years Joni performed several more Reiki sessions; each one left me with a general feeling of bliss and balance between my mind and body. Recently I called Joni when I felt I needed some restoration. Once again I felt as though my insides had been massaged by her gentle touch. Several days later my body felt perfect again. Her expertise in this healing field is truly amazing. Joni had put me back on the right track to ‘well-being’. I feel that Joni has played a significant part in my never needing any medication for NHL.”

– Meri Yarborough

“When I started Reiki with Joni one year ago I had been in a severe depression for several years. Life had become meaningless and painful. Joni with her forever loving yet firm hands and her wisdom held me up and guided me from the darkness to the light. She helped me to integrate Reiki and meditation in my life so I may share it’s benefits with others along my path.” – Hildegard Gunn

Private Reiki Healing Sessions

Private Reiki healing sessions: In-person sessions: Experience the deepest possible sense of relaxation and restoration in a Reiki session with Joni. Joni will speak with you lovingly and confidentially about any issues for which you may need healing, clarity, or release. You will relax fully clothed on a massage table and Joni will gently and intuitively place her ‘ hands of light’ on your body such that all your systems come into alignment and activate the natural healing process within you. She will work with you on all levels of your being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When the healing is complete, you will have some time to talk about the session and Joni will make further recommendations for you.

Distance healing: Reiki understands: “No Time, No Space.” Everything that is experienced during an in-person Reiki session with Joni can also be experienced when she treats you at distance! Sometimes distant sessions are even more powerful than in-person. At a scheduled time, you will be in a comfortable quiet place (such as your own bed) and Joni will call you either via video chat or cell phone to speak about your intention for the healing. Then, you will simply relax into your breath while Joni sends you healing via the very powerful Kali-Ki symbols. When she is complete, she will phone you back to debrief and make recommendations. To make an appointment, go to Contact or Registration page

Sessions with Joni

DROPPP (Deep Release of Persistent Pain Patterns)

When we are in emotional or psychic pain, we cannot easily “just drop it.” However, combining her years of training in psychotherapy and energy medicine, Joni Dittrich has developed the DROPPP method. While calling upon your highest power and your inner knowing you will be gently guided to dialogue with persistent patterns of dis-ease in your body and mind in a process that is both allowing and releasing.

DROPPP testimonial: “I have to say the DROPP method was beyond my expectation of healing. As soon as I let go (which was quick ) as to where we were going with this type of work and trusting the process, I went deep into the layers to do healing work. I am in awe of the ability to go quickly into the layers of my soul feeling like I changed on a cellular level. Opening my heart and trusting Joni is easy because of the healer she is, the beauty she brings and how soulful she is along with being an amazing and knowledgeable teacher. I would recommend this type of session in a heartbeat.”

Counseling Soul and Spirit:

As a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY10075) for over 25 years, Joni can help with trauma and personal and relationship issues. She will help you get “unstuck” by helping you to identify old patterns of behavior that may be getting in your way. She will give you strategies for combating self-defeating behaviors. In addition to talk therapy, you can choose to do this work through guided meditations and visualization such as various trauma therapies as well as what is known as “Therapeutic Reiki.”

Spiritual Emergence: Occasionally, as one progresses along a spiritual path, experiences arise that can send a person into deep doubt and which bring up questions about one’s mental-emotional stability. As a long-term meditator and psychologist trained in Spiritual crises, Joni can help you to identify and sort out what has often been described as a Kundalini emergence. She can make recommendations for spiritual practices and/or mental health interventions that can help you re-balance and offer you ease.

Kali-ki Wisdom School


“I felt pulled to study with her. I had read one book on Reiki but had never had a treatment, so…traveling all the way from Mississippi to California…was based purely on an inner intuition that whispered, ‘This is the right thing to do.”

“Upon entering Joni’s home, a feeling of peace entered my being. Joni had created such a beautiful and calming atmosphere for her students! My heart opened more as the course began and I could feel the energy pulsing in my hands. I had never thought of myself as a healer, but by the end of the course, I had changed my beliefs about myself and about others. I had begun to palpably sense the interconnection of all beings.”

“I am now using what I learned not only to heal and center myself and to offer Reiki treatments to loved ones, but also to respond to circumstances on a daily basis…”

Learn About Kali-Ki Wisdom School

Kali-Ki® Wisdom School was developed to offer Reiki training in both the Kali-Ki® and Usui lineages. The school offers classes to support students in their personal and/or professional pursuit of healing and enlightened consciousness. Courses in Meditation, Yoga, Kundalini, and Self-Development are integral to the Wisdom School. Students can take basic classes as well as in-depth year-long and 18-month programs.

In a series of revelatory experiences, and under the proctorship of her teacher, Paul Muller-Ortega, the five empowerments of Kali-Ki® were entrusted to Joni. By divine grace these symobols were revealed over a three-year time span. Each of these empowerments is a symbol or a portal into particular vibratory and luminescent qualities of the healing band of life-force energy.” For more information about Kali-Ki Wisdom School and the classes offered, click here.


Online course is available:

“Getting Out of Our Own Way: Making Friends with Ego and Resistance on the Spiritual Path.”
“Even though we are on a spiritual path, we still struggle with the occasional petty resentments, irritations and annoyances that can seemingly derail our spiritual practice. All these are the result of the pulsations between the Ego and Consciousness.”
Joni Dittrich, Ph.D.

Online Mentoring with Joni for Reiki and Meditation, Contact Joni.

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REIKI AND MEDITATION CLASSES FOR ALL LEVELS See Calendar and Class Descriptions for details.